Race Route Description

The race route will take in 7 reservoirs of the Pentland Hills Regional Park.

Start at the old Threipmuir Farm which is situated between Harlaw and Threipmuir Reservoirs. Run straight ahead along the path and keep Threipmuir Reservoir on your left. Go through 2 gates and look for a green Right of Way sign which heads off to the left through the trees from the rough road after the 2nd gate. At the tarmac road turn left and cross the bridge, then at the foot of the hill turn right onto the path which runs alongside the road

At the top of the hill turn left following signs for Glencorse and passing the entrance to Bavelaw Castle. Climb over the style and run along grass towards Green Cleugh. Go over 2 styles then onto a rough rocky path.

Continue on until you reach a gate at The Howe (white farmhouse). Go through the gate and run along the tarmac road with Loganlea Reservoir on your right. Keep on this road until you come to Glencorse Reservoir.

Look out for a green Right of Way sign showing Harlaw/Bonaly, the sign will be on the left at the gate. Go through the gate and up the steep rocky path to your left watching out for another green Right of Way sign to Bonaly in less than half a mile. Head off to the right uphill towards Bonaly. You will pass through Phantoms Cleugh which is a rough grassy/muddy track.

After a mile or so you will eventually come to a gate, go through this gate and follow the rough track to the wooded area above Bonaly Reservoir. At this gate run downhill passing Bonaly Reservoir on your left. Go through another gate and head down a very steep rough stoney path. When you reach the next gate continue downhill to the car park at Bonaly where there will be a water station/checkpoint and where a marshall will check you in and out and mark your race number.

Now head to the left up a rough track towards Torduff. Go over the bridge at the head of Torduff Reservoir and turn left onto the tarmac road which skirts round Torduff Reservoir. Continue on this route and you will then pass Clubbiedean Reservoir which will be on your left.

When you come to the farm cottages at Easter Kinleith Farm look for the green Right of Way sign showing Harlaw, then turn sharp left onto the tarmac road. You will now pass Mid Kinleith Farm and will then come to T junction. At the junction turn sharp left as directed by the marshall and head up the Range Road which at first is smooth then turns into a rocky path.

At the top of the rocky path go through the gate onto the smooth path. Head upwards until you come to a junction, then turn right down towards Harlaw. Go down this path passing through a gate and at the T junction head towards the Harlaw car park. When you approach the car park gate turn left as directed by the marshall and run towards the Pentland Rangers cottage.

Go through the gate and just after the cottage turn right as directed by the marshall. Keep on the path and go over the bridge keeping Harlaw Reservoir on your left. You will then come to a very narrow bridge. Cross over this bridge to the gap in the dyke. Turn left and you will now see the finish line in the distance in front of you.

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